Support Local Businesses

You probably never really thought there were many benefits from supporting local businesses. But there are. A lot. In fact, not only are there benefits for yourself, but benefits for the whole community. Here are some reasons I started supporting local businesses when I got to college:

1. Quality. Often times, the taste in food, coffee, music, etc. is so much better when it’s local! Recipes which run in the family. Quality coffee beans and bakery items. Music made from countless hours of writing and re-writing lyrics and melodies. That extra mile that is put in makes it so much sweeter to experience. It’s something that corporate companies and chains just can’t accomplish. And I’m sorry, it’s definitely not the red cups that bothers me about Starbucks… it’s the taste of burnt coffee. (It had to be said).

2. Character. Don’t you just love the flare that local businesses bring? A local pizza place in Edmond, OK called Humble Pie has a great cause behind their business. When you walk in, you’ll see a variety of dollar bills on the ceiling. The HP owners help bring awareness to sex trafficking and matches every dollar a customer donates at the end of each year. The money donated is hung on the ceiling as a trademark for this cause and brings a lot of uniqueness to the visual side of the restaurant. SO COOL.

3. Jobs. More businesses equals more jobs. Pretty easy assumption. However, I’ve also recognized local businesses offer jobs to a younger age than most chains will, creating diversity in the workplace.

4. Economy. Local businesses contribute more money to the community than chains. A Chicago study shows for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stayed in the metropolitan area while only $43 of the $100 spent at chains stayed in the area. Local businesses just have a bigger incentive to invest in other local businesses while chains buy their materials from corporate.

5. Devoted. Local businesses are going to make a better effort to please their customers. They are more likely to not only listen to your opinions but do something about it! They know if they stay loyal to you, you will stay loyal to them, too. It’s true. I love walking into my favorite local coffee shop and hearing, “Hey Meg!” as they start making my usual drink. How cool is that? They see me come in enough and felt led to get to know me and start a friendship with me all because I consistently come in to enjoy a cup of coffee. I’ve made some incredible friends because of local businesses and am truly thankful for it!


See? Local businesses are pretty awesome. So next time you’re trying to find a place to eat or drink, choose local. When you go out of town, try some of the local businesses. You might find a new favorite place to go back to!

In Christ



Photography: Melanie De Abernathy and Alex McMannama

Instagram: @melellia and @mcbanamana


Business featured: Aspen Coffee Co. (my personal go-to coffee shop in OKC)

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